Has the ADL apologized to the Armenian community for having practiced genocide denial?


Three days after issuing his highly duplicitous statement on the Armenian genocide, Mr. Foxman, in a letter addressed to the prime minister of Turkey, apologized for having put his government “in a difficult position,” and expressed his “sorrow over what we have caused for the leadership and people of Turkey.”

The prime minister subsequently said of the ADL: “The wrong step that has been taken is corrected . . . They said they shared our sensitivity and expressed the mistake they made [and] will continue to give us all the support they have given so far.”

Yet to date, the ADL has not issued an apology to the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and their heirs for its years of working to deny the Armenian genocide.

Moreover, Mr. Foxman has since stressed repeatedly that he shares the Turkish government’s opposition to having the U.S. Congress even discuss the Armenian Genocide, much less vote on a non-binding Congressional resolution affirming the historical record.

Please refer to Appendix 6 for press clippings reporting Mr. Foxman’s continuing opposition to U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide immediately following the ADL's Aug. 21 statement.